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Virtual Accounts Receivable Outsourcing (VARO) can manage every aspect of your patient pay revenue cycle, freeing you up to manage your organization.

icon-analyze Analyze

VARO will analyze and segment patient accounts into logical job streams. We’ll work closely with your patients to:

  • Resolve billing disputes
  • Explain statements
  • Resolve past due balances
  • Determine appropriate repayment methods

icon-execute Execute

VARO will execute patient pay strategies on behalf of the client. By leveraging high-performance collection software, we’re able to maximize the effectiveness of your inbound and outbound call campaigns and consistently deliver better collection rates than any of our competitors.

  • VARO’s actual call answer rates vs. target call answer rates are consistently in the 90th percentile
  • VARO’s rate of complaints runs less than 0.01%
  • All calls are recorded and monitored

icon-manage Manage

VARO’s experienced team of Partners, Managers and AR Reps is skilled at managing KPIs such as:

  • Client collection rates
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Service level agreements

VARO will manage, record, and document incoming and outgoing collections and customer service calls. VARO has the ability to generate statements as part of the revenue cycle under your organization’s name. Our system is able to send out statements at the same time—100% of the time. Every Client is individual and will sign off on each letter type.

icon-deliver Deliver

We deliver exceptional customer service to patients through highly trained callers that act as representatives of your organization’s brand.

We also provide accountable reporting for management services and collections through timely, accurate reports measuring key performance indicators. 

With VARO’s Outsource Collection Solution You Can:

  • Increase your organization’s collection rates
  • Spend more time on large dollar claims
  • Maximize potential cash flow
  • Reduce bad debt write-off expense
  • Eliminate unwanted statement costs
  • Reduce your collection agency fees

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