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Our streamlined services reduce your office task load. Your patients will thank you for it.

Contact Center   •    A/R & Debt Collections   •   Insurance Denials   •   Device Recovery

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Contact Center

Consistent and agile inbound/outbound contact solutions.

We understand the importance of consistency, especially when you're building trust. Reach your patients in the way they choose to communicate and stay compliant in the process. Our Contact Center solutions include:

Telephone Call Center

Digital Messaging
(Email and Text)

Letter Services

VARO provides the following to ensure Contact Center compliance:

Call monitoring

Scheduled call backs

IVR credit card security

Customer / Patient
satisfaction surveying

KPI Reporting



A/R & Debt Collection

A one-stop shop for patient pay revenue cycle management.

Unfortunately, after insurance payments have been received, your patient may still owe money. In fact, unexpected medical debt is the main reason that Americans file for bankruptcy so collections calls must be handled gently, with care and compassion.

At VARO, we understand the sensitivity of consumer collections and have extensive experience in claims evaluation. Our patient-centric approach via our sister company, BYL Services, consistently delivers better collection rates than any of our competitors.

Interested in learning more about BYL Services Healthcare Collections?


Insurance Denials

Proven strategies for appealing insurance denials.

Even the most detailed healthcare practitioners are often faced with a claims denial. And what’s worse, the process of appealing insurance denials can be costly to doctors, clinicians, and their patients... in time, in resources, and in general frustration.

Your patients need your focus so it’s important to streamline your denial management process. Our highly trained specialists use proven strategies to appeal denials successfully and ensure timely payment, giving your time back to those who need it most - your patients.


Device Recovery

Consistent device recovery for reliable inventory.

Device recovery includes medical devices loaned to patients or company equipment used by employees. When the patient no longer needs the device or the employee is terminated, your business loses money for every day that devices aren’t returned. 

Prompt returns are critical to manage inventory, the cost of replacement and your patient or employee experience. VARO offers a variety of contact, payment and recovery services so your inventory is reliable and your expenses are steady.