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Are you determined to improve your revenue while enhancing patient satisfaction? What about reducing bad debt write-off expense and eliminating unwanted statement costs?

At VARO, our services are designed to make you more successful. We’ve helped dozens of organizations like yours collect millions of dollars every month while delivering customer service that improves your relationship with your patients.

Our commitment is a positive impact on your bottom line—and we guarantee it 100% of the time. We’ll work diligently to maximize and streamline your patient and insurance collections process as well as establish the best cost structure for your organizational needs.


Performance-Based Fee (%)

We’ll customize a contingency fee for your account, ensuring that we get paid only when you do. Our team is motivated to close as much collection revenue as possible, with the intended goal of improving the profitability and financial stability of your organization.

Monthly contingency fee, paid as a percent (%) of cash collected.


Bonus ($)

A mutually agreed-upon list of objectives, goals, and expectations is the keystone of mutual success, so if you’re successful, we’re successful.

One way we become a trusted partner in our client's success is through incentive bonuses earned when our services exceed the goals we've established with you. This ensures our team is fully committed to your bottom line and that our strategy is always aligned with your revenue goals.

Incentive bonus paid if cash collections exceed your target.


Flat Fee, Per Account ($)

If your organization prefers to manage its monthly line-item budgets to a specific number, VARO can arrange a flat fee per-account structure. And, we direct all payments back to you, so you don’t have to wait to receive your money.

Simple flat monthly rate, billed on a per-seat basis.

How Is VARO Different From Other BPO Companies?

It’s our belief that healthcare providers deserve the ability to maximize their accounts receivable and insurance collections without compromising patient satisfaction or jeopardizing patient retention opportunities.

Our customer service reps and insurance team consistently deliver unparalleled patient service and collection results, while lowering expenses to keep your organization running smoothly well into the future.