Effective processes to resolve Additional Information Needed are crucial for patient satisfaction and your bottom line. 

VARO’s PIN team members are trained to assist your patients in first understanding their Additional Information Needed requests from their insurance companies and then aiding them in promptly returning the information. This ensures the process moves as quickly as possible. 

  • Reduce staffing resources needed to contact patients for PIN requests.
  • VARO not only connects with your patients but ensures that the payer has been notified and processed the returned information. 
  • Save on hard costs of mailing statements that go un-responded to. 

Our PIN service also supports the compliance issues in relation to TCPA compliance.

Success Story

Comprehensive Sourcing Solution

Provider Type: 1,100 Bed Health System

Problem: This health system needed help finding cash to fund a system conversion.

Solution: VARO developed a comprehensive sourcing solution that included BPO services such as self-pay customer service, accounts receivable collections, insurance found strategies, lockbox services, and bad debt collections.

Results: After our 31-month engagement evaluation, the results were clear

  • Generated $101M in self pay cash
  • Surpassed client benchmarks, generating an additional $22.7M in self pay cash
  • Highest patient satisfaction—fielded 474K inbound Patient calls with only 0.002% complaint rate
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