Streamlined and effective revenue cycle activities are critical to the health and well-being of your company.

VARO’s Insurance team is trained to work with insurance companies and are experts in uncovering and recovering money owed to you—reducing the amount your patients owe and increasing patient satisfaction in the process.

  • We have systems (proprietary and data source providers) that quickly and comprehensively identify accounts with a high propensity for missed insurance. Insurance scrubs are completed within forty-eight (48) hours of placement.
  • Verify and follow up with payers when insurance information is uncovered
  • VARO Healthcare segments accounts by codes and balances within payer to identify systemic issues with fee schedules or inappropriate coding. Representatives prioritize accounts based on risk of timely filing.
  • All accounts receive consistent and documented collection efforts.

VARO Healthcare categorizes denials by payer, 835 reason codes and type of denial (ex: registration or billing). This ensures higher productivity by identifying root causes for denials

Success Story

Enhanced Collection Rate Management

Provider Type: Medical Device Company

Problem: A Medical Device Company was entering a growth pattern and lacked the necessary infrastructure to manage self pay collections and self pay customer services.

Solution: VARO developed a comprehensive sourcing solution that included BPO services such as self-pay customer service, accounts receivable collections, insurance found strategies, lockbox services, and bad debt collections.

Results: VARO developed and implemented a customized self pay revenue cycle solution that:

  • Consistently generates 65%+ collection rates
  • Provides valuable supplemental BPO solutions (including lockbox and reporting)

Wrangle your revenue cycle with Executive Level BPO Reporting