Our whitelabled online payment portal allows your healthcare organization to give patients the ability to pay online, all while branding it as your own.

  • Pay online, arrange payment plans (self-service), or one time payments
  • View a live bill (real time balance and transactions)
  • Sign up for electronic statements (no paper)

Success Story

Ease of Transition with VARO Platform

Provider Type: Hospital in Transition (Acquisition)

Problem: A local hospital acquired by a regional health group was dealing with a system conversion and AR follow-up on their legacy billing platform.

Solution: VARO developed a platform to house, manage, and report on the legacy billing platform.

Results: VARO optimized a legacy situation to successfully:

  • Manage legacy accounts receivable
  • Alleviate the time and resource burden of managing the legacy operation
  • Allow the hospital to devote internal resources to the transition activities and decisions